Messages from Heaven | The Spiritual Breadcrumb Trail

Messages from Heaven | The Spiritual Breadcrumb Trail

If you are reading this post, the spirit world guided  you to this message . 

I have been creating Morning Messages with the guidance and help of the spirit world.  In this video I share with you that you really do have a communication and a connection with your loved ones who are on the other side.


Come join me on the Incredible Journey, as I will help to raise your awareness to the fact that spirit communication exists. 

  • Through my work as a medium you will come to the awareness that they are guiding you every single day. 
  • Spirit uses a tool that I call the spiritual breadcrumb trail. 
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What is a Spiritual Breadcrumb Trail?

Your loved ones use the physical world around you to draw your attention to the messages they are trying to deliver to you.

How to know it's spirit communication. 

Things repeat around you it's like deja vu it's also like a groundhog day you see repeating messages over and over again.

As an example:. You have a daughter who is now on the other side and she passed in the month of August and her favorite color is yellow she was born in October and she had a red car.  Throughout the day she's going to draw your attention to particular items that are in the physical world that will remind you of her you will see the number 8 repeat many times throughout the day and in this case it represents the month of August, sometimes you will even see the number 8 in the color yellow.

Throughout the day you will also notice dimes you will see them-- you won't be able to avoid them, and you actually will pick them up and to your amazement you will see that the date on the dime will be a year that is an important year.  You will know that the dime is also a communication, a postcard from heaven, and a message from your daughter.
You will also notice the month of October, it may even come out of someone else's mouth. You also see red cars everywhere and at this point you'll start thinking that you are just trying to notice these things because you miss her so much.  But, the fact the matter is that she is standing right next to you and she sees everything in the physical world because she has Heavenly sight and she has Universal awareness.  She is always right beside you, talking to you telling you to notice all of these things that are in the physical world around you,  This is what the spiritual breadcrumb trail is.


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As this beautiful spiritual journey continues, I am going to go more in depth about the spiritual breadcrumb trail and how to utilize it.   I will teach you how to come into the awareness that this is happening every single day.  I will also teach you how to use this tool in your day-to-day life. Your daughter, and your loved ones who are on the other-side-- their mission and purpose is to help you in your life and to help you achieve your mission and purpose here on this earth,. 
You are most important to them. Their physical life is complete, yet, they flow through the river of your life, you become their mission and purpose.

Truth be told there is no rest in peace, nor should there ever be, for in fact if you were the one who was on the other-side, you would be helping your daughter through her life on earth.  She, and your loved ones are Heavenly Travelers and they are crossing realms to help you in your physical life.  They will never leave your side.  Although, they will NEVER VIOLATE YOUR PRIVATE MOMENTS.  So, don't fret over that.

Have a most beautiful day.  I love you very much and I will see you on this incredible journey. 

Love you!
Pamela Theresa
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