Heavens Wonderland | Spirit Communications through Dreams

Heavens Wonderland | Spirit Communications through Dreams

Inspired by the song and music Wonderland written by Pink Zebra, Pamela Theresa was guided to this beautiful song and piece of music.  She was inspired to create a rendition where it speaks of the experience and the moment of transition to the Heavenly Realms.  In that moment a total awareness sets in and a knowing that through the dream state there will always be a connection and communication with those who are in the physical realm.  It is through Heavens Wonderland, connecting the physical with the heavenly ,which is the dream state.


This world I see, It calls to me
I hear its voice, made my choice...

  • In the moment of making the decision to leave the physical body..starting the see the other-side, and preparing for the transition to the heavenly realms.

Yesterday is swept away...

  • During the moment of transition, a life review takes place, an understanding of all that has been experienced during the physical life.  This is the moment of life review.

We will meet in your dreams...

  • During the review process, an awareness of everyone who will be affected because of the physical death, but at the same time knowing that the communication will continue through the dream state of those who remain in the physical realm.

In these moments we will be
Ever-more, Ever-free

  • A Heavenly knowing that there will always be an eternal connection.  Through these dreams there will be a communication.

Take my hand, you'll have my heart
Through Heavens Door

  • Knowing that there will never be a break in the relationship, Heavens Door can be traveled through during the dream state.

Time unwinds, words and rhymes
Here in this Wonderland
Hopes and dreams, will play their themes
In Heavens Wonderland

  • There is no "time", life is eternal, communication takes place during the dream state, Communication can be difficult to interpret.  Sometimes it will feel as a riddle, or even off the mark.  Dreams are always a blend of the physical subconscious and the heavenly visitation.  Our loved ones work with what is going on in our lives, helping us to work out past pains and future fears.

My story's told, your life unfolds
Hearts beat on, and join the song
Intertwined our steps in time,
Will lead us here, draw us near
In these moments beauty shines
In your laugh, In your eyes
Count the ways your life will change
The journey's yours

  • Life continues, and one can see this with absolute knowing upon the moment of transitioning-- crossing over to Heaven.  There is a knowing that there will never be a separation.  Those who are left behind to continue in the physical realm will share the story of their loved ones who are on the other-side, yet life does continue, and our loved ones who are on the other-side do walk beside us day in and day out.  They are working to help us on our journey now.  We will heal through the eternal connection.  This knowing comes to the one who is going to our Heavenly home. 

This world I see
It calls to me
I hear its voice...

  • Made the decision to go home to Heaven.
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