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The Doorway to Heaven | The Physical Place of Transition

The Doorway to Heaven

by Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw

A Mother, A Woman I call Hero

Today I was blessed to meet with a wonderful hero. I call her a hero because she is a mother who is surviving the loss of her daughter, just 4 months ago. Her name is Sabine. Her daughter Shelby transitioned Sept. 17, 2017. This picture below was taken the first time I had the pleasure to met with Sabine and her son for a private session. It was an incredible read, and of course Shelby knocked it out of the park delivering powerful messages of healing, and tons of validations! Information that I could not have possibly known was delivered to Sabine and her son Dennis, helping them both come into the awareness that Shelby had never left their side.

Today, Sabine and I met for a different purpose. Here is the story behind the story, also known as The Spiritual Breadcrumb Trail.

Over the last several weeks I have been hunkering down and creating this new website, My Medium Life. The purpose of which is to share my life through my blog and videos. One of the blog posts that I was guided to create is titled ‘The Loss of a Daughter’. I felt that the best way to tell the story was to reach out to someone I knew who had lost a daughter, and let the story be told through a mothers own words.

Sabine supported us on our Medium in the Raw Patreon, and she had signed up for a read for our Medium in the Raw Live! show. It was on the show that I asked her if she would be interested in sharing her story with us, and she said yes. Here is a video clip of the live read:

Today, I met with Sabine. We filmed the meeting, and it was a beautiful connection; and of course, Shelby was there assisting and delivering messages, and once again she put this medium to work.

The Loss of a Child… A Beloved Daughter on the Other-side

Shelby had passed away during the night at home, and Sabine found her the next day after she had gone home to heaven. It was through our meeting today that Shelby really wanted to work with her mother. She wanted to help her mother heal through the pain of the moment of discovery. Although there was much of the session today that was and will remain private, Shelby has guided me to share this message.

The Place of Last Breath is Heavens Doorway
No matter where a person is when they leave the physical realm, that place, the place of last breath becomes the beautiful doorway to heaven. Indeed the space that has caused Sabine so much torment and heartache was and will always be the space where Shelby took her last physical breath. And in those moments of transition when Shelby was leaving her physical body, she was with many of the heavenly realms who swept into the physical to assist her and her decision to leave her physical body. It is always a most sacred experience for everyone involved, including family members who are on the other-side. Sabine’s mother and father who are on the other-side were there to help and assist with Shelby’s transition to her heavenly home. They were there with her as she once again became a heavenly traveler. When a person makes their transition, they are never alone. There are family members, loved ones, angels, and many more. There are many in the room and there is always a lot of conversations going on. Time is never certain in the physical realm because it is the soul who makes the decision to stay or to leave the physical realm, and on that particular day, it was Shelby who made the decision to do her work from the other-side.

Healing the Space by Creating New Memories

She was working with me today, and I was, just as I always am, a servant to the spirit world and a messenger. After the filming, Shelby guided Sabine and I to the space of her last breath. Shelby’s purpose was to find a way to help her mom heal from the pain. She shared with her mother that it was of great importance to now create different and new memories in that sacred space of last breath. There is much more to come for this story, and if Sabine allows, I will share the transformation of the space through photos.

Shelby guided her mom to spruce the room up, and to let the light in and to create new and beautiful memories. Shelby is, of course, very smart. She has universal sight. She knows the trauma her mother suffers, and she understands that the room of her transition is a point of power in her mothers life that causes her great pain. She is quite brilliant in telling her mom to shift the energies by redecorating the space, by keeping the door open, and allowing light to shine in on the room. And that by creating new memories, it will help to soften the blow, and defuse some of the vivid memories. In a way, it can act to busy the mind out of the trauma by creating new memories that will overlap the one memory that Sabine will never be able to erase from her mind. Shelby was quite insistent that it be understood that the room, the room of her last physical breath, held the power of her transition back to her heavenly home. This room is now a very sacred space. It is, after all, where Shelby walked through the Doorway to Heaven.

Love you!
Pamela Theresa


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