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Post Cards from Heaven | Messages from the Other-side

Post Cards from Heaven

by Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw

Todays inspirational message is of the written word. Remember back in the day when we used to write letters, and send them through the mail? I do. Some of my fondest memories from my Grandma Lee are the letters she would send me through the mail.

Just because she is now on the other-side… a Heavenly Traveler doesn’t mean that she no longer sends me messages, because now they are sent from heaven. I call them Post Cards from Heaven and also known as the spiritual breadcrumb trail.

I have shared the beauty of coming into the awareness that spirit communication exists for everyone. All you have to do is pay attention to the signs around you, and you will know who the messages are from. The clues, as an example; My grandma always sent me letters, so now when I see letters repeating throughout the day in random places and I am feeling her presence (although I can see her, as I see spirit, I am just trying to help you…) then I will know that it is her communicating with me.

Also keep a mental note of the signs along the way, because your loved ones are helping you from the other-side. Most importantly they are helping you with what is going on in your life. They flow through the river of your life and they do hear your prayers. They are universal and really know everything.

Feel free to comment below sharing some of your Post Cards from Heaven today! Love you all, and have a most beautiful day. I wont be surprised at all if one of you post that you have been inspired to write letters as of late :)

Love you! Pamela Theresa

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